So pretty and independent at dolo right now.

Haven’t selfied in a while, so.

Happy 25th birthday to the world’s greatest. Biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known, so happy to be by your side every single day of my life. Please have 100 more birthdays @i_phil.

Sittin pretty at lunch.

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Anonymous asked: I'm curious as to why someone who seems open minded and has had her own issues with dealing with weight loss/being healthy would have such a soured opinion about weight loss surgery. you seemed to answer that question as if surgery is some lazy, easy way out that is doomed to fail simply because someone "can't loose weight" the way you (and seemingly most of society) seems fit. Not really taking into consideration that surgery can reverse a lot of existing health issues, and that it is in no way

I don’t care what surgery people have, if you want to modify your body in any way I don’t care. If you want to gain 500 pounds and then lose it all in a day it doesn’t effect me in the slightest and I won’t judge anyones reasons for it, health or otherwise. You asked the opinion of a random girl on the internet who has never looked into weight loss surgery. If you have something educational to share I would love to have my mind changed, I’ve just never read anything that positive on weight loss surgery and I don’t view it as big enough of an issue to look into on my own. If you have articles to share, send them my way. 

Creme fraiche & strawberry balsamic 👌

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Anonymous asked: I'm kind of in a slump in my life, I recently turned 27 and have been stuck in a total rut of a 9-5 job in a field i don't want to be in. As someone who seems to be doing what she loves and has a lot of good in her life, how do you stay motivated? What inspires when you're down, or even when you're not?

Part of what I’m satisfied with in my life is a mix of luck and privilege and the other part is working hard and knowing what I’m good at. I’ve wasted a lot of time with jobs I hated. Realize your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. I’m not good at doing multiple mundane tasks at once or working directly for someone, I like big independent projects and in turn that’s what I’m good at. Before I realized this I thought I was a lazy person who could never be successful in a career and was very troubled by that. You have to find something that will be a good match for you. Sometimes what you think your weaknesses are really are strengths, being controlling and bossy isn’t (most of the time) a good quality in relationships but it’s made me a great problem solver, it’s helped me push my introverted boyfriend into taking chances he would normally talk himself out of and it’s helped me convince people into letting me try or do things with awesome results. Usually when I’m down I ask myself if this is going to affect me in 5 years, in one, next week, in an hour? I want to be happy and I don’t settle for things anymore whether that’s people or jobs, no one should. 

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Anonymous asked: what are your opinions on weight loss surgery?

Surgery won’t fix your weight issues in the long run. If you can’t lose weight with health changes then you’re going to gain it back. However, elective cosmetic surgery is fine by me. Dye your hair blue, get a nose job, butt cheek implants whatever makes you love you. Although, you should keep in mind that beauty trends come and go, everyone got huge breast implants in the 90’s and now that’s totally out. Look at models from the dawn of time to now, the “ideal” changes drastically from each decade to the next. Whatever. 

Anonymous asked: Hi was just wondering what you originally designed your unicorn tattoo on? I want to get a unicorn tattoo but struggling for a design I am 100% happy with. Yours is beautiful. =)

The last unicorn and my little pony were big inspirations!