Happy Birthday to my lovely @taylorandmila 👯

My birthday is a month and a half away, can I buy myself a present now?

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Bagged a groomsman last night.

These nerds got MARRIED today @dralexander_esq_iii @elorasaur

Ice cream filled doughnuts at a fashion company? Ok.

Perfect trip, I had the best time with this amazing group of girls! #vegas #arding2014


The Taylor’s are reunited!@taylorandmila #imnotbald

Preflight martini.

He prefers itallian leather.

Packing tacky for Vegas this weekend.

Been spending a lot of time standing straight against walls. I did something terrible to my back at work and have been in excruciating pain all week. It’s been hard to take 4 different pills multiple times a day for someone who refuses to even take an aspirin. I’ve been sleeping on my back and spending most of my days taking walks. If you have any tips or ideas to help, I am willing to try to it!